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Put aside whatever you think of when you hear: “learning center,” “tutoring,” or “school.” Wayfinder believes that education is more than an assignment, rote memorization, or simply a grade.

Wayfinder Expedition Learning is a holistic ​educational experience designed to focus on what students really need—connection and support, combined with hands-on experiences and resources. 

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What Wayfinder Offers


Platinum Premier

Choose this option if your student needs:

  • Peer interaction

  • Academic support in multiple subjects

  • More time with in-person instruction

  • Classroom-like environment

  • Access to high-tech tools, classes, and resources

  • Time to work in Innovation Lab

Specialized Select

Gold Premier

Choose this option if your student needs:

  • In-person specialized classes

  • Hands-on labs

  • Fun learning activities with other students

  • Classes with other students their age

Basic Core

Silver Premier

Choose this option if your student needs:

  • Specialized tutoring or assistance with ONLY one class

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Platinum Premium Program: WeStudy

If you want a customized learning plan for your student, call 916-234-3543 for a free academic consultation or sign up for a FREE TRIAL WEEK of classes.

If you plan to use CHARTER SCHOOL FUNDS,

these classes qualify.


Free Sessions

Morning Bible Study

8:00 AM - 8:20 AM

Wayfinder Expedition Learning is owned and operated by Wayfinder Christian Academy, a non-denominational Christian high school. Wayfinder Expedition Learning Center does not offer Christian curriculum or classes as part of our regular sessions, but if you're interested in coming a little early, Wayfinder offers a time that students can meet together and study the Bible on their own terms. The only rules are that students are respectful of others' beliefs, employ sound investigative and debate techniques, and only use the Bible (no other denominational materials) during this time.

Movement Matters

All Throughout the Day

We believe that to engage student's mind, movement must be worked into each hour. During each 3-hour session, students will be encouraged to move and engage is physical activity every hour. Here are some of the types of activities we have available. More opportunties will be provided as we partner with local activity centers in the business park.

Movement Brain Breaks


Standing Desk

Basketball Practice

Stationary Bike Desks

Jumping Rope

Walking Laps

Mini Workouts

Additional Add-Ons

By Special Request

We provide several other resources available to students at an additional price to ensure that all families have the resources they need for a successful school year.

Computer Rentals 

Computer Software Pricing Discount

Internet Safety Software Pricing Discount

Wireless Mobile Hotspot 

Schedule an academic consultation to find out why Wayfinder is a good solution for your student and to get a price quote.


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