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Wayfinder Expedition Learning is a non-profit organization that believes that learning is more than a simple series of tasks to achieve, that students are more than their grades and test scores, and that true learning cannot be fit in a box or even in a classroom. We are here to support your student and your family on the lifetime journey of joyful learning.

Wayfinder Expedition Learning is owned and operated by Wayfinder Christian Academy, a non-denominational private high school. This means that we provide more than just a simple tutoring session. We provide a holistic academic support program that assesses, monitors, and provides the educational intervention your student needs. ​It also means that everything is backed by solid educational methodology and practices. 

Student Safety


Safety is a priority at Wayfinder Expedition Learning. Our facility is considered a closed campus between 8:30 AM
and 3:30 PM. All students and visitors are required to check in and check out at the front office. All staff at Wayfinder that work with students are required to complete a background check, live fingerprinting and safety training. 

​Our Staff

Wayfinder Expedition Learning staff are dedicated, experienced educators who are committed to providing an academic experience that is like no other. Our instructors are certified and have extensive background teaching and tutoring students. More importantly, they are experts at connecting with students and helping them find the motivation that is needed for them to be successful.

Learn more about the Wayfinder Experience educational philosophy.

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