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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are you open in person?
    Yes! We have been making appropriate adjustments in order to be able to still meet in person this fall to the greatest extent possible. Here is how we're working to guarantee we can open our facility this fall and still keep students and staff safe. 1. We are opening after Labor Day to give time for any possible county restrictions to be lifted and COVID spread to slow before we start meeting in person. 2. We are purchasing required safety equipment and supplies to meet the county and state health safety requirements. 3. We are limiting enrollment numbers so that students have more than the required social-distancing space available. Our facility has bay doors so we have sufficient ventilation and like-outdoor conditions to decrease virus spread. 4. Our instructors and staff always put students' needs first. Because of this, we are willing to be adaptable and flexible so that we can give students the best services possible. We believe students should have daily support while doing their work. We will do whatever it takes to ensure our students are successful and have the highest level of academic support on a daily basis.
  • How are you ensuring facility health safety?
    Hand Hygiene: We have soap and water and/or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol available in work and public settings for use by employees and students. Student and Staff Education: All staff and students will be trained on proper protocol to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Stay home if ill: Educating staff, students, faculty, and their families about the importance of staying at home when ill and when they can return to school. Monitor Health: We will continue to screen staff, students, and visitors for overt signs of illness in a safe and respectful manner. Signage: Signs will be in highly visible locations to promote everyday protective measures on how to prevent spreading germs by properly washing hands, properly wearing face covering and physical distancing, and staying home when feeling ill. Visitors: We will limit non-essential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups and organizations until restrictions are lifted. All sessions in smaller groups. Regular facility cleaning and santization protocols.
  • Are masks required?
    Wayfinder Learning Center will continually monitor the changing recommendations of the CDC and California Department of Health, but currently we will require mask wearing in all common areas. Wayfinder will try to minimize the need for students to wear masks in a safe manner by setting up study areas according to social distancing rules and frequent cleaning that minimizes contamination. Students and teachers will be expected to wear a mask for close-contact activities (i.e. cooperative group work, small group interaction within 6 feet, etc.). Staff visiting a different classroom will wear a mask upon entering. Wayfinder is actively following the recommendations and benefits of wearing face shields for students needing more teacher facial cues, social interaction, etc. Wayfinder Learning Center will have extra masks available in the office for purchase should a mask break/tear or be forgotten.
  • When are cleaning and disinfecting measures being implemented?
    Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces (i.e. tables and chairs, equipment, door handles, bathrooms, sink handles) between use. Teachers will provide a guide of when hands should be washed and when surfaces should be cleaned. Individual water bottles must be used by each student. Students wash their hands when coming in from outside or using any equipment. Frequent cleaning of classroom areas and common areas (will occur after any transition time). We will work to ensure proper ventilation and airflow throughout the day by opening the facility bay doors whenever possible. Facility will have a daily santization protocol completed between morning and afternoon sessions.
  • What happens if a student or family member contracts COVID?
    The facility will be closed for at least 24 if someone contracts Covid-19 in our building for cleaning and disinfecting. Wayfinder relies heavily on the honor system and appreciates families understanding the importance of following guidelines and informing Wayfinder of ANY exposure of Covid-19 to staff or students as soon as possible. If in any case we are alerted that a staff member or student/family member in the household has contracted Covid-19, Wayfinder Christian Academy will follow the proper protocol set forth by the California State Department of Health to contain and inform families as soon as possible.
  • When should students stay home?
    Guidelines from the CDC state that students should stay home if they, or anyone in the household, have: A Fever of 100.4 or higher Dry cough Shortness of breath Persistent pain in the chest Bluish lips or face Traveled or has come in contact with anyone traveling who has not passed a Covid-19 health screening. If a student exhibits any of the above symptoms, parents (or emergency contacts) will be contacted to pick the student up within the hour. A student showing symptoms will be kept in the office away from others in a calm, supervised area while wearing a mask until picked up. Students will not be accepted back into school until 24 hours after a fever has safely lifted. (As per current CDC guidelines)
  • What will the classrooms be like and how many will be allowed in each room?
    The Wayfinder facilities consist of 3 large classrooms and 1 large workspace. During sessions, students will be organized into small cohorts based on their grade levels or their academic needs. Within the classrooms, Wayfinder will adhere to social distancing practices, as well as the California State Health Department and CDC recommendations. Following the morning session, there will be time for disinfecting and cleaning before the afternoon session begins.
  • How will Covid-19 affect drop-off and pick-up times?
    Due to Covid-19 we ask that during drop-off or pick-up all parents remain in their cars when possible until recommended restrictions pertaining to social distancing are lifted. Parents must wear masks on in the facility. Due to the need of social distancing, we will dismiss from inside. Student(s) temperatures will be taken at drop of before being left in a non-invasive manner via forehead or kiosk.
  • Can I use vendor funds for in-person services?
    Each charter has different policies regarding in-person services. Please check with your charter school teacher or ES for more information about your charter school's current policy.
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